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My name is Yiaz. I am 7 of 9. The 7th of 9 daughters and the 9th of 11 children.

The passion that burns within me is creating and I am a Conceptual Art Photographer. I respect and love my art and those that are within the same field as me. I am not bound to any specific genre. It was a learning curve to discover that the only way to be productive and free was to shoot for myself and not be bound to anyone else's preconceived notions of what I should do. I am who I am and settling into her has been blissfully enlightening! By day I mix chemotherapy at a cancer institute and by night I breathe life into a world of my own.

Born and raised in the motor city I was limited to the things I could do with very over protective parents, 11 children, 10 living under the same roof. They were my siblings and they were my best friends. Imagination came to us easily as my parents are proud endorsers of classic Asian movies. At a young age I knew who I was. I was the bride with white hair, the beautiful ghost that hunts in the forest, the Giant queen that rules the village, the sea serpent that swims the ocean and always the yellow ranger. I was anyone who I wanted to be and it was fabulous. Then the teenage years fell upon our household and as I was still a child was lost. I wanted to be like my older sisters who cared about boys and makeup. In this urge, I lost who I was, diverted from my path and became alone and confused. It was not until my junior year of high school in 2005, that I picked up a camera, the spark ignited and I remembered who I was.

I specialize in shooting with animals, mainly birds of prey and am acutely in tune with conservation! In 2010 I began specifically working with birds of prey and my Wonderland was complete! Through the years, I have come to befriend some of the most amazing people that feed my creativity. I found the love of my life and am a mother to fury and feathered babies. I have met my soul sister who became my best friend. These are the things that give me life and purpose. These are my greatest motivations to keep on my path as I grow and become who I was meant to be.

My camera is the gateway to my world.

My infinite imagination is my inspiration.

My well nourished passion is what brings to life my art.

I invite you to stand next to me in my personal wonderland!

Enjoy the journey.

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